Apple Watch 42mm Black Classic Buckle Smart Watch

Sometimes you just want to go for the classics. With a classic buckle, you know what you’re getting. It looks great without being over the top. The big advantage of the Apple Watch is that you get to choose exactly what style you want from the off. With the classic buckle, you’re getting a bit of old-fashioned with something that is state of the art. While many wouldn’t think, watches would come back anytime soon, Apple has once again turned the table on consumers. You thought you’d never seen a watch again, but now it is something that doesn’t just allow you to tell the time it is also the best way to stay connected while you’re mobile. You don’t have to constantly look through your pockets for your phone just to tell the time or to see if you have any important messages.

With the classic buckle apple watch you’re staying as close to the original watch as you can while still wearing a state of the art smart device. There are other smart device brands on the market with their own smart watches, but you’ll find that Apple once again takes the market by its horns and delivers something you just can’t look past. If you’re not into Aplle products, you may be getting tired of hearing all the hype constantly surrounding the company, but you will also have to admit it’s founded in a level of innovation few other vendors can match.

My personal experience with the Apple Watch is the following. I didn’t think I needed yet another smart device, but a friend of mine who simply loves Apple products showed me his brand-new watch. I had to admit it looked pretty cool. And after a while of messing around with his, I caved and ordered my own. I was impressed with the many different looks you could get from one simple device. Being a sucker for the classics I went with the classic buckle, but I could have gone with a number of different styles as well. Apple is not all about style, but they do have it in spades.

Now, the look of the product is one thing, but at the end of the day the most important thing is how it performs. I was personally, a bit worried about such a small screen. I don’t exactly have tiny fingers, and I worried a lot about how I was going to actually use it. Apple kept the old-school crown of the watch, which you may be wondering about, because usually it’s used for setting the time. Apple, however, decided it could be used for so much more. It is now an important part of how you manipulate the screen of the watch. Some of the things you’re used to doing on your iPhone with your fingers that would seem difficult to do on such a small screen can now be done using the crown.


In short, I love my Apple watch. I love the classic look of the old-school classic buckle. If you’re thinking, a smart watch could be neat you need to take a serious look at the Apple Watch.