DYLN Inspired Women’s Comfort Capri

Fashion and Design have significantly evolved over the last few decades. Unlike previous generations, clothes are now designed to accommodate each of man’s ever growing set of activities, whether casual, formal or sporty. The DYLN Inspired Women’s Comfort Capri is one sporty attire that has gradually gained a lot of popularity and praise among yoga fans over time, and this is why.

What sets the DYLN Women’s Capri apart

DYLN Inspired went all out on maximum comfort and flexibility during the production of the Women’s Comfort Capri.

The Comfort Capri is wholly composed of VitaPearl fabric (29% polyester, 18% viscose, 43% cotton and 10% spandex) from DYLN Inspired, which is the source of the complete softness felt when one wears it. This unrivaled softness provides comfort during yoga and/or other exercises and hence enhances maximum concentration during the practice.

Furthermore, the VitaPearl fabric is also infused with nano-technology that emits a far-infrared wavelength, a type of wavelength that increases micro-circulation in the blood vessels while also oxygenating the body’s cells and muscles.

Scientifically, increased muscular oxygenation is important in that it revitalizes the muscles which greatly reduce muscle fatigue. In addition to that, increased blood flow/microcirculation facilitates a quicker recovery from physical activity encouraging one to perform more exercises.

Another great advantage of this Comfort Capri is its flare-leg. Semi fitted design that houses a movement-enabling waistband that allows maximum flexibility for the user. Since yoga includes a series of exercises that require a great degree of stretching, this Women’s Capri would prove to be the ultimate accessory.

On a fashionable sense, the DYLN Comfort Capri has a two-way reversible design that makes it wearable on either side. Another addition to its versatility is the hidden pocket around the waistband that can be used as storage for carrying around the small essentials.

The Comfort Capri is also advantageously very easy to clean and maintain. It can be cold washed together with other similar items, and it also doesn’t require any fabric softeners since they may negatively impact its quality.

Any downside to the product?
As shown above, the product’s design was more or less foolproof. However, some consumers have had complains that the product’s softness sometimes may make them feel like they are not wearing anything.

Another downside may be that the fabric’s tenderness may be subject to tear or damage if it accidentally washed with garments that may have zippers.

Conclusion and verdict,

In conclusion, the DYLN Inspired Women’s Comfort Capri is surely a step further than the rest in its category. Its attention to detail in terms of both fashion and workability makes it a very useful accessory during yoga or other affiliated exercises. Not only is the Comfort Capri a great exercise accessory, it also encourages healthier bodies through the improved blood circulation and cell regeneration. Furthermore, its cleaning and maintenance require no sophisticated processes making it a very user-friendly product.

Therefore, the evidence speaks for itself. The DYLN Inspired Women’s Comfort Capri is a must-have for all those yoga and exercise enthusiasts who wish to have the ultimate experience.