Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Package, Graphite, 71 Inch Mat

A good mat is pivotal to a good yoga session. Without the right equipment, you’re not going to find much love trying to get into the poses. Especially not the difficult ones. What is the best mat on the market then? If you ask around you’ll hear people say the Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Package is at the very top of the list. Every time. It is because it is made of a durable cotton canvas. However, with this package you’re not just getting a mat. You’re also getting the MatSak carry back that is also made of the best cotton canvas. What really makes it stand out. However, is the compartments. They are created with yoga mats and damp articles in mind and come with a shoulder strap. Obviously, there are things you need to consider making the most of the package. Such as following the instructions, but overall the Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Package is one of the very best deals in the market. Here’s why.

With this kit, you get the Black Mat PRO 71-Inch yoga mat. The Black Mat PRO is an almost legendary yoga mat which is widely recognized as one of the, if not, the best on the market. It is durable and proven to stand the test of time. The importance of getting equipment that is built to last can’t be overstated. I hate having to replace equipment several times a year because I was too cheap to get the right quality from the off. With the Black Mat PRO I may be paying a bit more, but I also know I’m getting the very best there is.

The Black Mat PRO wouldn’t be one of the top brands if it wasn’t great for yoga. That means it has the bounce you want, but it also means that you won’t slip on it. Yoga poses can be difficult enough as it is without having to worry about slipping. However, the Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Package contains so much more than just a fantastic mat.

The large MatSak included in the kit is one of the best on the market (a trend that seems to follow this package). It is designed with yoga equipment in mind. That means it can comfortably fit a mat, a towel and all the other things you need for your yoga session. While you shouldn’t have any issues fitting everything, you need into the MatSak it might still be a good idea to roll your mat tightly just to ensure you make things as easy for yourself as possible. The MatSak has plenty of compartments for everything you need, but what’s really great is how the compartments are designed for damp articles. As you know, it’s hard not to break a sweat during yoga and there’s really nothing worse than opening a bag containing sweaty articles.

I recommend the Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Package because it’s a great kit for anyone who enjoys yoga.